Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gnome vs. Ubuntu

Just a quick one for all you Ubuntu (with Gnome, not Kubuntu etc.) folks out there...

If you have a strange problem with your Theme and Nautilus reverting to some basic GTK theme seemingly at random, good luck!

Seems neither group is taking ownership for the issue and from the threads on the Ubuntu forums and Launchpad bug thread it is hitting quite a few people (me included).

Ubuntu Forum thread

Launchpad bug

Shopping for a new distro as I have to tell you since 9.04 I have just spent WAY too much time writing scripts and editing conf files when I should be working or playing.

I don't miss Slackware, nor the days of tarball installs, nor do I miss compiling my own kernel to add support for a sound card but I am finding myself longing for the days when I just installed my shit and it worked. Most of this is my fault (please see rant on software updates) because I have become very complacent with checking what is on the update list before clicking "Install Updates", but I have to hope this ends somewhere.

Note to all software devs who may read this: Bugs happen, code well, debug often and patch ONLY WHEN NECESSARY! Internet patching == idle hands... Keep em busy folks!

Viva Linux!

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