Friday, August 20, 2010

Stuff you can't "Un-see"

Was reading about Budd Dwyer today and remembering when I was a teenager outside of Philadelphia back in the 80s. I remember coming home from school early due to a teacher conference and catching up on some cartoons at my Grandmother's house. Now my memory is a bit foggy on the details but I remember a "Breaking News" story with a press conference for the then-embattled Treasurer of Pennsylvania, the details are not relevant but he was up on charges of taking bribes and was due to be sentenced when he called the press conference to "discuss recent developments". Well if you don't know the story (i.e. you are not from Pennsylvania) he talked for a few minutes, handed out some envelopes then promptly shot himself on live television.

Reading the article I saw a link to the press conference and clicked it. Huge mistake, coverage was in full color and a different angle from what I saw that day in 1987 and suffice it to say will stick with me far longer than what I saw the first time.

Sometimes I long for the days before the Internet, before I could either intentionally or accidentally click on stuff that I cannot "un-see".

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