Friday, August 20, 2010

World of Stupid

Are people becoming stupid?

Nope, people have always been stupid.

I guarantee that the majority population of any great civilization is history were dumb as nails, only difference now is visibility. Take the Darwin awards, granted 90% of the stories are bogus or "urban legend" but to earn that status they have been around a while.

The press makes a huge deal about the lack of education in maths and science and how we are all doomed to future dystopia but lets be honest we live in an amazing time! Shit, we have iPads and Pods and Hybrid cars and the WWW and I am pretty sure these were invented by modern people with modern education.

So what is the issue? Visibility.

If the Internet had existed in AD 400 I promise you the viral video of the day would have been Claudius getting shit on by a horse or Octavius "ghost riding" his chariot into a tree in all their glory on "YovTvbe".

Have a look at this link to Wikipedia: need I say more?

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